Featuring: Earth, Wind & Fire

Roll One More, Take a Flight
Welcome To 'Coming For Your Corona'
This is Chief Chill, Your Host
And We're Gunna Be Taking You Through A Couple Songs
Some you might know, and some you never heard of before

[Hook : Earth, Wind, and Fire]
Hearts of Fire
Take You High and Higher. (x2)
To Your Place on the Throne

[Verse 1: Chief Chill]

See my hearts on fire
Cause it's stuck with Mary Jane
Getting higher every time
We put the paper to the flame
All you do is roll up, and then you light it
Now you are invited
Enjoy a flight with the flyest (flyest, flyest)
Cause we cooler than some celery
We Just Kickin' Back
Reminiscing Over Memories
He say he got some kill
But in this bag is better tree
Sour Headband, JetLife
About My Curren$y


[Intro to Mixtape and Verse 2: Chief Chill]

(Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen
This is your Captain Chief Speaking
Welcome you to Corona Beach
Enjoy The rest of your flight
And Just enjoy this shit Fool)

See I kick it old school
For these new age kids that try to rap
Cali sticky trees
In my joint is Warren Sapp
I just do it to keep my city
Chillin on the map
Peace, love, and drugs
So you know we givin' out them daps
We'll be there in a minute
And my team will be droppin stacks
Doing more shows then shit
All of Oprah's past
For now we chillin on them planes
Say hello to the middle finger
Of the muthafuckin' High Five gang

[Bridge: Earth, Wind, and Fire]

That's the way of the world
Plant your flower and you grow a pearl (x4)
Child is born, with a heart of Gold
The way of the world makes his heart grow cold

[Talking: Chief]
For all those who don't know, We got a little bit of Earth, Wind and Fire
Or as I like to say, From Earth to Fire = Wind, Blowin Trees
But uh, We're gunna kick it off from here
And get into some more, Coming For Your Corona, How You Like That

Whaddup Tac
Whaddup Coen
Whaddup Parker, I know you gon' like this one, and for the intro, Dawg

This is Coming For Your Corona, Keep Your Flight Time
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