Featuring: Drake

[ DCypher Musik ]

This here's before the tip off, this is just the anthem/ before the fame, before the stage show ransoms/ I'll be demanding, for the chicks know I'm handsome/ just a ill artist on the mic but give my band some/ they tried to play me foul turned it to an and one/ crossover appeal guess that makes me The Answer/ A.I. while the push artificial intelligence/ I stay fly but I always remain a gentlemen/ and now my name got some relevance/ cuz I tackle issues and say it in a way they get/ use to play the bench but soon I'll pack stadiums/ cuz I detonate on MC's in blast radius/ I'm by myself but y'all just the Raptors/ so best believe you'll see my name in the raftors/ When its said and done, the game's chosen son/ shatter records, homie and I just begun


I been balling for a while but nobody knew my name
But I'll tell you something real I'm the coldest in the game
Keep it true for the fans I ain't never gonna change
Get ya tickets now cuz I'm headed for the fame

8x Watch Me Ball

[ Drake ]

I’m getting so throwed
I ain't went this hard since I was 18
Apologize if I say, anything I don’t mean
Like whats up with your best friend?
We could all have some fun, believe me
And whats up with these new niggas?
And why they think it all comes so easy

But get it while you here boy
Cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy
Yeah and I’ll be right here in my spot with a little more cash than I already got
Tripping off you cause you had your shot
With my skin tanned and my hair long
And my fans who been so patient, me and 40 back to work but we still smell like a vacation
Hate the rumours, hate your bullshit
Hate these fucking allegations, I’m just feeling like the throne is for the taking
Watch me

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