Released: October 10, 2015

Featuring: Joey Bada$$

Songwriter: Devontée

Producer: Devontée

[Verse 1: Devontée]
Look, I remember sleeping on the floor with the mice though
When the window's open, only time the light show
Water in the tap, but it's never ice though
Parents tried to move me out the city somewhere nice though
Daddy brought me places, had to keep my eyes closed
See this crack up in the sack, serving fiends I know
Hit the block, to be G, smoke his weed, I know
As a kid shouldn't have seen what I've seen, I know
I knew about bitches selling pussy in the bayou
Basement I saw my first rifle
Daddy told me niggas got problems with their rivals
And my uncle told me "Like your shadow, cause you know it go wherever I go", oh
Learned a lot at Unit 65 though
Lot of lessons I applied to my life, though
I admit I did some fucked up shit by the age of thirteen, but a nigga turned out alright though
Never really smoked, I would always pass
Now I'm rolling up backwoods, lying down raps
Remember when my brother hit me on the jack
Said he 'bout to take his life and he ain't looking back
Told him "Chill, nigga, there's cops doing that"
Now they shooting at you if you is black, now they shooting back, like
Black lives matter
My grandpop slanged rocks to the boys on the Harleys
Same blood flowing through our heartbeats
So I guess what we got in common
Moving bass for the white face through my heartbeats
My raps cooking new deals like they Ramen
I'm used to the pressure, no heat ever harm me
The higher-ups know that I'm a superstar, seen my time in the line and my life's on godspeed

[Hook: Devontée]
My timing ain't wrong, it's always on godspeed
My timing ain't wrong, it's always on godspeed
My timing ain't wrong, it's always on godspeed
Timing ain't wrong, it's always on, godspeed

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Tell me what they know about the great godspeed
I ain't with the talking but the gossip be
Trying to climb high where the great gods be
Running up the tree trying to find my wings
And I hope I don't end up like Icarus
Feel like I could touch the Sun and I'm sick of this, Lord
See, I don't really mean to disrespect
But tell Jesus that I'm at his neck
I'm feeling like the lord of this rap shit
I spit it from the clause, my passion
When I heard this chorus was a classic
Tell my woe keep calm, it's gon' happen
When the hour is right, and the power is love
Pray my brothers unite, we gon' run this world
They can never keep a bad thing down
I see everything and everything sync well, my nigga
Uh, my brothers bang, I was a scholar
I knew them Crips but couldn't die for the blue color
Them niggas murking, young nigga put it in their for the churches
Forgot about my purchase, wylin' when I was burking
Too young to be a thug
Well no it's in my blood, cause that nigga my cousin
Pop the gat if you budge him
Hate him, got to love him
Stationed out in public
With the bud lip like fuck it
Still hugging the block
Contraband stay tucked in my sock
Government stay loving to watch
Cause of all of this gold
And I ain't worried 'bout my timing at all
Cause you know

[Hook: Devontée]
My timing ain't wrong, it's always on, godspeed
My timing ain't wrong, it's always on, godspeed
My timing ain't wrong, it's always on, godspeed
My timing ain't wrong

[Outro: Joey Bada$$]
I just want to take the time out, to thank my nigga Devontée, my woe
For reaching out to a Pro for this joint right here man
This classic shit
This 2020 shit man
Fucking light-years ahead of you niggas, you heard
Pro Era


Formerly called D-Bonez, Devontée is a Toronto-based rapper. A gifted former football star, Devontée recorded about 300 songs by the age of 16. He enrolled at the School Alliance of Student Songwriters, where he learned about song structure, self-confidence, and stage presence. In addition to writing, Devontée learned how to produce and mix, even producing 13 of the 14 songs on District Vibe. He has also gotten props from the likes of Boi-1da.

He has connections with many Canadian athletes, as well as famous American ones like Kevin Durant. He is the cousin of Aeyesha Curry, wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry. He is featured in their remix to Drake’s 0 to 100 / The Catch Up, taking a hand in producing and writing in it.

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