Released: April 19, 2018

Featuring: Roger Troutman

Songwriter: Jay Shades

Producer: Dr. Dre

Motherfuckers better know

A Shaded jay hella set
Like a Teflon Vest
I'm Here to bring the realist
Illest shit and never the less
Fatal attraction
A distraction to the opposite sex
You'll never see
A basterd like he on the radio
I'll top the billboards
Oh lord
Only if you let me
Different shades of jay
Please don't upset me
I need checks see
See Everything else is simply stressing
Quit messing
With the moment hoe
Adore my flexing
And the next thing
You know
I'ma glow like
My words and my flow bro
All up in ya cranium
I'ma follow my plan
And have enough fans to fill a stadium
*Are you really gonna pay for him*
Hell yea
Tomorrow and today
The shaded Jay
From Philadelphia
I know its California
But what can i say
I wanted to play

Jay Shades

Jay Shades is a rapper from West Philadelphia, who sticks to a hybrid sound of classic and early 2000’s Hip-Hop and early 2010 Hip-Hop.