Featuring: Bruno Mars

[Hook: Bruno Mars]
Beautiful girls, all over the world
I could be chasin' but my time would be wasted
They got nothin' on YOOOOOOOOOU, baby
Nothin' on YOOOOOOOOOU, baby
They might say hi, and I might say hey
But you shouldn't worry, about what they say
Cause they got nothing' on YOOOOOOOOOU, baby
Nothin' on YOOOOOOOOOU, baby

[Lupe Fiasco]
You already know where my heart be at
Tempo that my heart beat at, boom boom
That for you, for real, for truth
There's never been trivial pursuit
May look like a sedan man but I'm really just a coupe
Now that's two, so they can't fit, there's no room
And there's no roof, so there's no limitation
Limitless, since it's initiation
And to the crew, seed sown, then it grew
Was a pilot now we in syndication
And every time we show up this Pay-Per-View
Or the news, you're my satellite, that Youtube (tell 'er!)


[Lupe Fiasco]
On my microphone hustle, stay behind the bar
And I thought I could never be imprisoned
This the story of how you caught me slippin'
That's right, locked up abroad
You remain, they mirage, they collapse, we collage
We stick together like we starting fires
Thick as thieves, pick pockets at large
Kinda like lame miserab's
But we don't play, Broadway's for the stars
She's venus, and me's mars, so we like on a whole 'nother chart
Surreal, it's like a whole 'nother art
Hanging at the moment, and we got our names on the A-train cars
Like freedom meets cars, coming down banging knocking pictures off the walls

[Hook: Bruno Mars]

[Lupe Fiasco]
So what more? Further I could go into
But what for? We're already killing them
We're like Williams and Woods on tour
Now that's love above par, ooh
I just love to love ya'll, you're my power
My peace, my elegant flowers
No matter what the world is coming to
I take the rap, they got nothin' on…you

[Lupe Talking Over Hook]
Heh..you know what I'm sayin'?
I mean, temptation is a mother
But you're like none other
They can't compare
's why I'm here, you know?
It's like FOR-ever, that's like a long time (haha)
Yeah, the vibrations are very nice on this one
Lupe, let's go…PEACE!

Lupe Fiasco

The Chicago born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco first tasted success when he featured on Kanye West’s hit “Touch the Sky”, a track that shortly preceded his real breakout, his 2006 debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, and he never looked back. He has established himself as one of the greatest urban wordsmiths of all time, with Genius even dubbing him the ‘Proust of Rap’.

While he’s now regarded of one of the 21st Century’s Hip-Hop greats, he wasn’t always a fan of the genre, initially disliking it due to the prominence of vulgarity and misogyny within it. In his late teens, he aspired to make it as a lyricist. In his early twenty’s, he met Jay-Z, who helped him sign with Atlantic Records in 2005. The following year, he released his debut album (Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor), which was met with acclaim from fans and critics alike, as did his sophomore effort, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

The following eight years of his career saw far less output than many would’ve anticipated. This can be partly attributed to his struggles with Atlantic Records. The executives wanted him to sign a 360 deal; however, as he refused to do so they instead shelved his already completed 3rd album, Lasers, and wouldn’t promote him as they had previously. The overseers at the label also interfered with his music (as they had tried to do with his fan-favorite track “Dumb it Down”); subsequently effecting the quality and sound of his third and fourth albums.