Featuring: Self-Scientific Raekwon

Songwriter: Self-Scientific Raekwon Phil Da Agony

Producer: DJ Khalil

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, pass the purpleish shit, man
Lex Diamond, hit that, hit that, hit that
Word up, this for my son, right here
Phil the Ag', what up nigga
Yo, E, yo E, go do that for me, you heard?
West Coast style, huh, Ice Water 'em out, you heard?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Phil the Agony, yeah, who got ya back?
Ice Water Inc., ya head?
Baby boy, 2004 shit, nigga, just forget it

Aiyo, I run every coast that I ran, I do a real nigga move
Make the young niggas show me a plan
Guaranteed make all of them stand, like a hundred thousand
And better, the sweater that I rock is a grand
When you see me coming through your yard
I play the hood, with a real look, steel on my leg, in a van
Kill niggas, pop they mans, stop they plans
Why, cuz Ice Water got it popping, that's fam
We take it from here to here, anybody violate the system
That's my word, a nigga gon' hear
We rep Staten, plus all of the Latins in Los Angeles
And bad cracks up and hit Manhattan
Take it to a new level, all of us, Maybach bikes
Hit the circle, come through looking special
Shout out the team, yo Agony, you and your dogs
Keep them things on cocked and splash on 'em

[Chorus 2X: DJ Khalil]
A thousand words to a picture
Will paint your reflection in a mirror
So you can see the trigger side clearer
West Coast, Cuban Link, down to my knees
With the best scope, weed to smoke, back on the street

[Chace Infinite]
We the ones that you running from
The ones pulling guns from under the polo knitted and make you fitted
Not finished, the real Chace Infinite, a passionate lyricist
Most rappers I hate, this nigga Rae was an influence
To build an indistructable frame, I excel, but entertain
I wish a nigga would, say my name, wish a nigga would play those games
Strong Arm Steady Gang, the illest niggas on the mic from L.A
Phil burn a bag of the haze, and I'm having visions of CREAM airs
With the blue light, Marvin Gaye dripping
Chace is a visual spectacle, and see the raw clear through my cardiere
Spectacle frames, type of nigga that'll twist my slang
With double meaning like, nigga I'mma about my chance
If you get it, then we kicking the same
I'm a poet, that paint black & white pictures in a colorful frame

[Chorus 2X]

[Phil the Agony]
Aiyo, back like I never left, rap like I'm back with the rest
Yup, with all of my niggas, right on the steps
Cinematic view for the listeners, who paint pictures
Write scriptures, flip it on radio transisters
Listen up, get your bonds up, as far as us, we stay up to speed
Buckling up, whose fucking with us?
Immobilize your enterprise, stabilize all of your guys
Prepare yourself for two thousand and five
Live since '95, surviving, what we striving for, y'all
We got our families to feed plus we need more ends
They depending on us, the government is taxing us up
They see that I'm black, they want me in cuffs
Enough to make your nigga fall back, analyze
We on the front line, getting the good, keep the hood in mind
Design like, one of the best, architechts, building the net
Tell 'em some shit, you'll never forget

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: scratches by DJ Khalil]
"Strong Arm"
"Steady muthafucka"
"Strong Arm, Strong Arm"
"The shit that I'm repping is steady"
"Y'all not ready"
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