Released: July 17, 2012

Featuring: AG Da Coroner

Songwriter: The Alchemist AG Da Coroner

Producer: The Alchemist

[Verse 1: AG Da Coroner]
Balboa fighting in the last round, tap glove
Sudden death, over time shit, no coming back cuz
Sniffing on the powdered dust, eyes wide, make sure
Your shoes tied, we're running from the reaper in a homicide
Street's Disciple, legendary Nas shit
Chopper down, move quick hop out the cockpit
Snakes on the plane, hold guns, they on some cop shit
Too late to make friends, son is obnoxious
Respect taken if niggas don't wanna give it
I close my ears to stories if you ain't live it
Half these niggas in the game cast reflections
Of Pinocchio, halfway thugs 'til we address 'em though
The weak shall perish when walking amongst the realness
I wrote this straight from the heart, so you should feel this
Lie detectors on Maury couldn't reveal this

[Verse 2]
Who's the father? Many of us busted off
Hot dogs in her face, she wiped the mustard off
LES for a leather, the shit was butter soft
Dome in the stadium, quit because she love to boss
I'm an outdoor speech giver, the podium killer
Nobody realer but God and that's my nigga
I walk with angels and toast with demons
Two sides to the Gemini mind for different reasons
I was born in the middle when nature was switching seasons
Bang, zoom to the moon, you chilling with Jackie Gleeson

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a rapper and DJ on top of being one of the most prolific producers in hip-hop who is known for his eclectic beats. Al’s sample-heavy style has been associated with an East Coast sound even though he reps the West Coast, but he has worked with rappers from every region of America—including Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Eminem among others.

At 14 years old, Daniel Alan Maman from Beverly Hills, California entered the rap game as Mudfoot, one-half of The Whooliganz with actor Scott Caan in 1991. He also grew up with Evidence from Dilated Peoples and produced the crew’s debut single “Third Degree” in 1997. Al was mentored by Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs, who taught him production techniques and later introduced him to Mobb Deep. Al’s early productions on Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik album in 1999 began to grow his profile, which took off after the popularity of his production on the 2001 Jadakiss hit “We Gonna Make It.”

The Alchemist has been involved in many projects over the years. He released two compilations—2004’s 1st Infantry and 2009’s Chemical Warfare—a number of instrumental albums, mixtapes, as well as collaborative albums with Prodigy and Havoc of Mobb Deep, Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Oh No (as Gangrene), and Evidence (as Step Brothers) to name a few. Al has served as a DJ for Eminem and Action Bronson shows, and Al has also been a frequent guest on Action Bronson’s Viceland food show Fuck, That’s Delicious. Al used vocal samples from the show throughout his 2020 album The Food Villain.