In an era where female pop artists are taught to “stay in the box” and be agreeable, Emm stands out as a true artist – bold, risky, and fearlessly controversial. Emm is a powerful singer-songwriter, producer, performer and women’s advocate. Her infallible vocal prowess and edgy lyrical voice compete with the greatest pop divas topping the charts today. However, her unique perspective as a producer, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and life-long songwriter has given her an authentic blend of sonics and stories that make every song identifiably “Emm”. Emm is distinct to most pop music today in that she has a hand in every instrument in the track, every word, and every melody you hear.

Emm identifies with her female fans more authentically than most artists could ever hope to. Having faced eating disorders, mental health issues, many industry evils, and moving away from her hometown of 14,000 to face New York City at the tender age of 16, Emm has overcome so much. It only takes one conversation to see that she is deeply passionate about creating a voice for girls just like her – girls that never felt they were enough and never quite fully fit in.