Foreign Beggars

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Foreign Beggars are a 4 man group based in London, England consisting of rappers Ebow Graham (Metropolis) and Pavan Mukhi (Orifice Vulgatron), DJ NoNames, and producer Dag Nabbit. Originally formed as an underground hip-hop group, they have since diversified into electronic crossovers (most notably with Noisia, with whom they formed the supergroup I Am Legion)

Originally, Orifice and Dag Nabbit first began what would eventually become Foreign Beggars by forming their own hip-hop group in 1996. Orifice was later introduced to DJ NoNames (then part of Focused Few, along with Metropolis) through DJ Gizroc (then part of the Mixologists Crew) and subsequently decided to release Foreign Beggars on their own Dented Records in 2002 alongside NoNames, Metropolis, and beatboxer Shlomo, who would eventually part with the group to pursue his own ventures

Foreign Beggars have released 8 fully fledged albums along with a slew of singles and various EPs and mixtapes, first on their own Dented Records, then on labels such as Mau5Trap and Never Say Die (which reflects their excursions into electronic collaborations)