Nef The Pharaoh

Nef The Pharoah, Sir Chang Chang, Neffy, Big Chang Chang, Tonnee Hayes

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Tonnee Hayes, better known as Nef The Pharoah, was born January 11, 1995. He hails from Vallejo, California, and in 2014, he was selected as the “Bay Area Freshman of the Year” by He takes influence from Bay Area legends E-40 and Mac Dre. His music style is distinguishable by its heavily influenced Bay Area sound.

He began making a name for himself with his 2015 single “Big Tymin” which was later remixed by YG and Ty Dolla $ign. He followed up his success by releasing his first album Nef The Pharoah.

In 2016, he released to albums, Fresh Outta Space 3, and Neffy Got Wings, further propelling himself into the Northern California mainstream.