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Radiohead emerged from the shadow of ‘90s Brit-pop with a sound that was moody, melodic and explosive; with roots planted firmly in both alternative culture and the art-rock legacy of such groups as Pink Floyd, R.E.M., The Smiths, and Talking Heads—from whose song they derived their name.

They formed in 1985, as On A Friday, named after the day they’d usually rehearse. The line-up hasn’t changed Thom Yorke (guitar/vocals), Ed O'Brien (guitar), Philip Selway (drums) and brothers Colin and Jonny Greenwood.

In 1991, they signed with EMI, changed their name to Radiohead, and recorded their first EP, Drill. They released the record in 1992, and it made little impact, debuting on the UK Charts at #101. It wasn’t until their catchy 1992 single “Creep” became a massive hit that the band was launched into the limelight.

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