Skizzy Mars

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Myles Mills (born June 8, 1993) is a New York MC who goes by the moniker Skizzy Mars. Throughout high school, Skiz made a few raps here and there, although he never thought they would take him anywhere.

However, as a high school senior, he realized that rap was what he wanted to pursue. He threw away his dreams of becoming a sports analyst and even his college diploma to write songs. With heavily supportive parents, Skizzy was able to hone his skills without giving up on his dreams.

After releasing a few projects, including American Psycho EP, Phases, and Pace, he debuted his first major EP. The Red Balloon Project was dropped in 2015, and it received a fair amount of buzz on the internet, even hitting #35 on the Billboard 200. It gave him a few minor hits such as “Be Lazy,” and “Do You There.”