Mandalay Again

Elton John & Leon Russell

Released: October 19, 2010

Album: The Union

[Verse 1]
Rules and regulations
And real estate are things I've left behind
Fights are always leaving
Silver wings unfolding on a dime
But I won't forget to tell you
If I could only reconnect the line
I never really knew you, but come back I'd like to find the time
Drugs and consequences
And ferris wheels just took us up and down
Fights were always brewing
Two perfect understudies for a clown
If I could piece it all together
Or maybe find you through a friend
Last I heard it was St. Louis
But I wish that it was Mandalay Again

Come back I'd like to find the time
Plant a seed and raise a little Cain
Come back we'll throw a rope around the moon
And pretend that we're in Mandalay Again

[Verse 2]
Fuel and information
Are Siamese twins who poison everything
Lies that left us drowing
Rumor that burned like gasoline
I could have read you like a book
Instead I acted dumb and blind
I was younger then and foolish
Come back I'd like to find the time


[Verse 3]
It it wasn't in the afterglow of wine
Or the chatter of some European girl
I'd have understood that after all these years
There were those who chose to separate our worlds
Separate our worlds


And pretend that we're in Mandalay again
We'll pretend that we're in Madalay again