Freddie Foxxx

James F. Campbell, Freddie Foxxx a.k.a.The OG Bumpy Knuckles, Bumpy Knuckles (POP DUKE), Bumpy Knuckles

Featuring: Benzino 2Pac

Album: Crazy Like a Foxxx

[Repeat X4]

[Ray Dogg aka Benzino]
It's the return of the troublemaker, cause they couldn't keep me cuffed up
I be a dog so I'm never getting ruffed up
I grab a motherfucking trigger of an M1
You get DONE, this ain't a fucking water gun
Cause I'm a bad boy, so you know the kid goes
Into a thing when I let another nigga know
I get wrecked on a crew if they diss
Cause 2Pac and Foxxx'll die for this
I don't GO for it, never have and never will
I call shots for my crew, if you step you get killed
And fuck doing things in an orderly fashion
Let your ass do the walking, I let my fingers do the blasting
And don't never think a nigga take shorts
Cause I'm in the rap game, ain't NOTHING changed
We're all killers just to say the least
Fuck cuties, Ray Dogg to beasts
Yo, I'm a killa...

Don't fuck with a {*X7*}

Sick, thicker than most of these tricks
I got my mind on making money but you stuck on these fake bitches
I stay blunted and never fronted and I doubt if I do
Cause if I did then I'd get beat up by fucking crew
A real nigga since you figure that you ready to box
You catch knots from my nigga Freddie Foxxx
Uh, you don't really want none from 'Pac
Cause I be strapped with a Glock
And throw thangs like I'm born to pop
I hit this motherfucking gin and I be all in
Hell yeah, young nigga straight balling
And everybody wants to see if I'm a G
Weighing 165 and I'm high till I fucking die
Thug Life in this motherfucker catching wreck
Big Stretch hit me off when I hit the set
But now I'm cool cause I'm tipsy and I feel a
Nigga tryna see if I'm a killer, come on

[Hook] {X2}

[Freddie Foxxx]
I put the guns where the bums sleep in alleys with the rats
And little old ladies and babies are busting gats
My motherfucking looks override my style
Cause sometimes the militant may even crack a smile
But don't sleep cause you see my teeth nigga
I be creeping like a jack, then blat-blat-blat with the mack
So many niggas died last year
Cause they was popping shit that I didn't want to hear
Check it yo, I been down with gangs, rolled with big budgets
But I was busting techs while they was eating lunches
I run up on your ass quick-quick, flick, check ya
Smack ya in the face then disrespect ya
'Fore I met 2Pac, I Ray Dogg down wrecked ya
I bite ya in the face like Hannibal Lecter
Then I slide by to dip from the cops
But if they wanna rumble with the Foxxx then they get shot
You wanna come to town? I'm bringing lollipops for you nutters
And some of you motherfuckers is cold suckers
How many licks does it take for me to find ya?
Bang one, bang two, yeah, I'm right behind ya
Bring in my scope, the infrared is beaming on your dome
Boom-boom-boom, yeah you gone

[Hook] {X2}

[Freddie Foxxx]
All you niggas that died fucking with a goddamn killer...

[Repeat to end]