Released: November 19, 2019

Featuring: Aesop Rock Kurious

Songwriter: Aesop Rock Kurious Homeboy Sandman

Producer: Mono En Stereo

[Verse 1: Homeboy Sandman]
Take 2 thicker than the prison bars I ate through
Scientists about to have a breakthrough
Thank you
See across the way and I just hang loose
Everybody knows that Aphrodite wants to bang Zeus
Mother fuck my neighbours when I bang tunes
Close some movers for you catch a honeymooners bang zoom [yeah]
And soon
Fuckin crabs and I been a crab rangoon
Absolutely ate up with a fork and spoon
Use to fluctuate between a dork and goon
Currently, I fluctuate between pork and fruit
Never opposites depending what is opportune
Fashionably fitted with a horn to toot
As such a darn since I was born to boot
I ain't even have to ask I'm astute
Shorty wanna grab the wood -I am Groot
No wonder that she into me I'm so cool
When I’m out in Italy - “Vaffancul’ ”
So now they wanna crop me cuz I rock a crown jewel
Diamante grande me asshole [?]

[Verse 2: Kurious]
He thinking to himself how he can affect the conversation
Really off of this - is sort of nice good observation
Sword is unacceptable but do the match irrationally
Embrace the faults of others inherent abominations
The separated state is still displaying a lot of patience
Sense of urgencies high they could die and if I'm wasted
Wish y’all dropped the mercy in the blood see I can taste it
Although is all symbolic, is like chronic when it's laced it's
Super like bionic in the dust, she couldn't trace it
Till you're pressed up on a wall and didn’t fall as if you faced it
It's a family gathering, Turkey all basted
You the main course for showing no remorse for hatred
Make a quick assessment
Common sense basic
Nowadays not so common they couldn't see it with Lasics
Like going to Foot Locker and seeing a pair of Asics
Or going up to heaven and seeing a mother fucking racist
Is probable you can build if your sense of humour’s tasteless
A sign of open mind with thought patterns that spacious
Similar to a taste test
Take that regular chick over to model bimbo with a facelift

[Verse 3: Aesop Rock]
Talk like a thimble on a washboard
Pristine sipping green juice out of ox horn
Pissed out with these bees at the on-court
G in the sock drawer, Dee’s at Hogwarts
Creep through deep space
Squeegee over wheatpaste
Ski mask looking for Elysium to deface
First of a species on the last of the cheesecake
Show up at the meeting something beeping in the briefcase
Lone dog thus know peer pooper comrade
Knows how to ID
Zero in, in combat
We got em all gobsmacked
Walk into the light I wouldn't bother with the contrast
Bother with the Contras
Sneak in deposit transponders
And one puff of smoke from the nostrils
Ears perk up at the mention of mage craft
Of the sound that my scimitar makes when it drags
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, s’not pleasant
The heckle is a second but the threat is omnipresent
It's part of the agenda when your enemies alleged
I'm mostly here to bring the bubble letter to the denim

(Wooooohoooooohoooooo hooooo hooooo
So nice you gotta do it twice)

Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman’s favorite song is “Knocks Me off My Feet” by Stevie Wonder. His second favorite song is “I Know You, I Live You” by Chaka Khan. His favorite Michael Jackson song is “Lady in My Life”. He prefers Low End Theory to Midnight Marauders, but adores both.

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