Police On My Back

Lethal Bizzle

Lethal B, Maxwell Owusu Ansah

Albums: Best of Bizzle Back to Bizznizz’

I used to be a criminal, top car dealer
Bare competition but my cars were realer
But quite frank my cars were professional
Reloads exceptional

Serial change, log book, keys
All you need to worry about were the fees
Well, let's see, you can start from the back
Depending what car you can pay 20 G's

If you need brand new X5 with keys
If ya need Mercedes Benz with TVs
Look at these Golf, Astras, TTs
Anything you want, yeah we can get these

Best sellers were Puntos
Don't be laughing when I say Puntos
Supplied the whole of Walthamstow with Puntos
They were cheap and cute and everyone could afford it

Like, had to pack that all in obviously coz of the music but like
One time I got chased by helicopters, police, police dogs
Like I got away though but, but listen to what happened though look, look..

So I'm in my Punto yeah, and I see the boydem in the rear view
And I'm thinking, "Shit what am I gonna do?
This car's slow it's only a 1.2!"
So I jumped out when I'm still moving, somewhere random in Chingford
Back then yeah I was a little Linford, But not ugly as Linford

Anyway so I'm running heart is pumping fast
(Badoom) (Badoom) (Badoom) (Badoom)
Getting tight they're catching my arse
(Badoom) (Badoom) (Badoom)
Then I saw that garden wall - I swear, no lies, about 20 foot tall
So I jumped over, I thought all was cool. That's when I heard the helicopter
(Wings) AH SHIT

(Chorus: I'm Running, Police On My Back)

So I remember sitting in this garden right, and like, the helicopter is at the other side of the road. So I'm thinking like, "Right, if I don't make a move now, I'm gonna get caught."
So I thought, "Nah, you know what? I gotta make a move." So I remember making a move like..

Trying to be quiet, jumping over the fences, make sure I turn off my phone
Then I saw this shed, so I started running towards this shed, praying the door was open
I got into this shed and I remember thinking to myself..
"AH SHIT. What have I done?
AH SHIT. What have I done?
AH SHIT. What have I done?
AAHH. What have I done?"


So like, four hours later, it's like seven AM in the morning, daylight
People going to work
I just... walked home

Oh yeah, I missed a bit out!
One of my mates were in the car
You know what happened to him, innit