Light Up (Cover)

Lil’ Pope

Released: March 13, 2013

Featuring: Drake

Album: The Mass: God Given

[Verse 1: Lil' Pope]
Only videos connect me to Phamous people
And had dreams that one day I'll be these people
Passion so great, equate that to Kanye's Ego
Let me take a break, Hi fam I miss you people
From humble beginnings like Christ in a manger
We looking out to being everywhere Power Ranger
Just like Guinness, greatness been my nature
Call this my Pep Talk but I'm no Guardiola
If only wishes were horses, I'll be riding on that POLO like Ralph Lauren
Then I just flourish, move from dawn to morning
Always fly, that nigga Pope is so flawless
I Ball like J, and I ain't talking Jordan
Sing my heritage something like Morgan
Flow on keys, make you feel it in your organs
Bars bigger than the arms of Hulk, Hogan
But I'll be waiting for my moment
Show love to my thugs and single women
Even if all you see around is bad omen
Keep pushing till you see the light up, fulfilment
What you waiting dude, see what we came through?
'Member we been on this move, since our A moon
Now you believe me if I say dreams do come true
Used to love Rumor, Kendrick, Lu(pe) and Nas too
Now see weytin this guy do
Making critics go sick with the attitude
I should be in Yeezy's clique cos I'm so GOOD
Yo Drizzy hook me up, beat is so full soulful

[Hook: Drake's Voice]
Who would've thought I'd be caught in this life?
Let's celebrate with a toast and get lost in tonight
And make it all light up (LIGHT UP!)
Wait until the sun goes down, we gon' make this
Bitch light up (LIGHT UP!)
Even when the sun goes down I'm a make it go

[Verse 2: Lil' Pope]
(Aah!) Who would've thought that from the background
I'll be the same person now leading in the front-line
Michael Jackson vision though I never back-slide
Now e be like say I get chaw Goodluck pass Jonathan
So Be4 we shine, word to Kojo-Cue
Have dreams of doing things they say that you can't do
Me and my success book an appointment, No rendezvous
I See Notorious in my mirror, get that Bigger view
Let's Roll-on charley, now that's a Sure Thing
Now my success is guaranteed like its a LeBron Ring
Money in my youth is like Y(fm) so I'm yearning (for more)
Lessons in our lives are like stripes that we earning (Common)
If you dey hustle for real show your light up
Just say, I can be the answer
Not a Nissan, but Christ a Pathfinder
And be ever-ready to beat the odds, u a Punter (panther)
Money makers, now see what money made us
Partying every night, now I look kinda faded
Drinks up in the air, let's toast to these haters
Imma Tell u like Drake told me, bye TAKE CARE!!!

[Hook: Drake's Voice]