Released: August 25, 2013

Songwriter: Lupe Fiasco

Producer: Mr. Incredible

God is dope, a hundred bricks
And Jesus is my connect, mane
God is dope, a hundred bricks
And Muhammad my connect, mane

I got these, I got these, I got that
If I rip it, nigga, I ain't coming back
I be stunting, but you know where I'm at
I can't leave out this American
Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap
Great American
Rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap

[Verse 1]
F-I-A-S-C-O sigh
L-U-P-E me oh my
Ba-ba-baby, we don't die
Live by multiples and nines
So if it's nine and all, that shining ball, I'm all of y'all combined
Crybaby, that never miss, I bawling all the time
What's the cause of all this crying?
I ain't falling, I ain't hurt
But the man upstairs just sent me a bunch of work
Cut it in the studio then rap it in a verse
So low so them popo, man, I catch it in the search
But I'm stupid, I'm so smart, I ain't have it in the first
Might stop at the right block, if I'm paperless I might not direct
God is dope, Jesus my connect


[Verse 2]
Speaking to that fire, preaching to that choir
Open up that C, G-O-D is my supplier
Once it's lost, cut it soft, amazing when I heard that
Double up this fishscale, maybe bring all of these birds back
Birds are returning to enjoy all this lovely weather
Never say never, said it so that won't happen ever
Ever so clever, yes sir, I get more coals than Weber
He cold, he cold, he cold, that's just means I'm getting better
Ego, ego, ego -- three birds are those three letters
Stop it, I'm just trying to find a prophet
Like I'm trying to line my pockets
With those fine designer wallets full of cheddar
Jesus (Chees'is) - like a picture full of teeth'is
Preachers -- I pulpit like a Michael Vick
Bless - God is dope, Muhammad my connect

God is dope, a hundred bricks
God is dope, a hundred bricks


[Verse 3]
O-V-E-R-D-O-S-E everything I does
Noah got a boatload that got shit from up above
Gotta pick a side because they fight a war on drugs
Well, you can tell 'em cartel cause I'm riding with my plug
Riding dirty, call it bible study
And I pray you keep them pigs up out my way
Because we eating like Ramadan in the evening
So we gotta re-up like five times a day
And faith is like the keys to the kingdom
And the yayo for the halo, got my triple beam leanin'
And an M3 with a trunk full of what everybody fiendin'
And my rearview mirror cool, I see no daredevils or demons
So God is dope, I'm slinging
David with the bricks, I'm kingpin
Trying to make me miss, they atheist
God is dope, serving like it's '86



Lupe Fiasco

The Chicago born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco first tasted success when he featured on Kanye West’s hit “Touch the Sky”, a track that shortly preceded his real breakout, his 2006 debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, and he never looked back. He has established himself as one of the greatest urban wordsmiths of all time, with Genius even dubbing him the ‘Proust of Rap’.

While he’s now regarded of one of the 21st Century’s Hip-Hop greats, he wasn’t always a fan of the genre, initially disliking it due to the prominence of vulgarity and misogyny within it. In his late teens, he aspired to make it as a lyricist. In his early twenty’s, he met Jay-Z, who helped him sign with Atlantic Records in 2005. The following year, he released his debut album (Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor), which was met with acclaim from fans and critics alike, as did his sophomore effort, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

The following eight years of his career saw far less output than many would’ve anticipated. This can be partly attributed to his struggles with Atlantic Records. The executives wanted him to sign a 360 deal; however, as he refused to do so they instead shelved his already completed 3rd album, Lasers, and wouldn’t promote him as they had previously. The overseers at the label also interfered with his music (as they had tried to do with his fan-favorite track “Dumb it Down”); subsequently effecting the quality and sound of his third and fourth albums.