Released: December 19, 2006

Featuring: Ayesha Jaco

Songwriter: Lupe Fiasco Ayesha Jaco

Producer: Chris&Drop

[Ayesha Jaco]
Food and liquor stores rest on every corner
From 45th and State to the last standing Henry Horner
J&J's, Harold's Chicken, good finger lickin'
While they sin, gin, sin sin at Rothschild's and Kenwood Liquors
The winos crooked stagger meets the high stride of the youth
Searchin' for the truth
They rebel and raise hell across alleyways and in classroom settings
They get, high off that trunk bass and 20/20 rims
They rock braids, Air Force Ones, and Timbs
They drink Hennessy, Hypnotiq, and 40's
They call they women hoes, bust downs, and shorties
They keep funeral homes in business and gunshot wards of hospitals full
Prisons packed, bubblin' over in brown sugar
They keep empty, Westside lots crowded, hype's powdered
The well is running dry
The days of Malcolm and Martin have ended
Our hope has descended and off to the side
Waiting for the reinstallment of the revolution
Because we are dying at the cost of our own pollution
But God has another solution, that has evolved from the hood
I present one who turns, the Fiasco to good

[Lupe Fiasco]
A'uzu billahi min ash shaitani r rajimi
Bismi 'llahi 'r-rahmani 'r-rahim
Dedicated, to my grandmother
Peace! And much love to you
Yeah! And it start
1st and, 15, proudly present
You know what it is
See.. I got this philosophy right
I think the world and everything in it
Is made up of a mix, of two things
You got your good, y'know, and your bad
You got your food, and your liquor
That's right...Chilly Chill!
You already know, it's a long time comin'
I give you my...I give you my heart
My soul, my mind my thoughts, my feelings
My experience, nothin' more, and nothin' less
Yes, F&F, uh-huh! So
With no further ado...
Lupe Fiasco's, "Food & Liquor"

Lupe Fiasco

The Chicago born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco first tasted success when he featured on Kanye West’s hit “Touch the Sky”, a track that shortly preceded his real breakout, his 2006 debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, and he never looked back. He has established himself as one of the greatest urban wordsmiths of all time, with Genius even dubbing him the ‘Proust of Rap’.

While he’s now regarded of one of the 21st Century’s Hip-Hop greats, he wasn’t always a fan of the genre, initially disliking it due to the prominence of vulgarity and misogyny within it. In his late teens, he aspired to make it as a lyricist. In his early twenty’s, he met Jay-Z, who helped him sign with Atlantic Records in 2005. The following year, he released his debut album (Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor), which was met with acclaim from fans and critics alike, as did his sophomore effort, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

The following eight years of his career saw far less output than many would’ve anticipated. This can be partly attributed to his struggles with Atlantic Records. The executives wanted him to sign a 360 deal; however, as he refused to do so they instead shelved his already completed 3rd album, Lasers, and wouldn’t promote him as they had previously. The overseers at the label also interfered with his music (as they had tried to do with his fan-favorite track “Dumb it Down”); subsequently effecting the quality and sound of his third and fourth albums.