[Lupe Fiasco]

Some... snapper is he, in the dirty call me young trapper MD
.40 cal gun clapper empty, none matter, none dapper, son rapper MC
Too much before so I chatter simply, over any Proteus drum pattern M-P
Through your Pro-Tools, modules, and Mac SMPTE
Gather round gon' be rather lengthy
Its all good new pan rapper is me
Nike shoes bandana, Fendi
Cadillac black like a Bentley, gotta bat never lack young mack a pimpy
While you smacks her down I tap her gently, the chitter-chatter done got her friendly
The game I runs like a lapper indeed, can't catch her breath heart patter quickly
Whether grippin' a mic or palmin' a pistol
I get it well done, Its medium rare to be so raw in the middle
Get little be ghost or gone, I am a lawn you can't post up on, No meet with waist I keep toaster on
I need more I'm so close to dawn, I can't be blurred out the fo-cus is on (nigga)
Y'all kids ain't cuttin the di-jon I pull up to ya car like Grey Poupon rookie
Pimpin' in that grey coupe on 20's then I peel off like o-ranges
Watch yourself senor's dangerous
Whether givin' a whole (hole) or breakin' half if I bring the danger shake it fast, truck... full of holes like Jason's mask
No Mystikal, don't miss wit the cal.. 40 that is shorty that is
Don't press your luck, accelerators what I press in the truck, I'm so ghetto
Elevators ain't lettin' you up, I'm a big boy (Big Boi) everybody in love wit Lu, she you and your cousin too
Just Cadillac doors and outta mack 4's, old folks turnin' cataracts toward him
I'm so hard to see and so hard to be, hey, can you handle traction, push an Abraham Lincoln or an Andrew Jackson
(Paid) Rodgers and Hammerstein, niggas turn into Dodgers when hammers gleam
They don't like the words but they'll honor the magazine, I'm the Source of the shit
Forty-four in my Jockey draws I'm the horse of this shit but my money never short
Niggas there's no eatin' here nigga don't put ya money into forks
Niggas its a cold cold world don't put your money in shorts niggas

Lupe Fiasco

The Chicago born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco first tasted success when he featured on Kanye West’s hit “Touch the Sky”, a track that shortly preceded his real breakout, his 2006 debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, and he never looked back. He has established himself as one of the greatest urban wordsmiths of all time, with Genius even dubbing him the ‘Proust of Rap’.

While he’s now regarded of one of the 21st Century’s Hip-Hop greats, he wasn’t always a fan of the genre, initially disliking it due to the prominence of vulgarity and misogyny within it. In his late teens, he aspired to make it as a lyricist. In his early twenty’s, he met Jay-Z, who helped him sign with Atlantic Records in 2005. The following year, he released his debut album (Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor), which was met with acclaim from fans and critics alike, as did his sophomore effort, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.

The following eight years of his career saw far less output than many would’ve anticipated. This can be partly attributed to his struggles with Atlantic Records. The executives wanted him to sign a 360 deal; however, as he refused to do so they instead shelved his already completed 3rd album, Lasers, and wouldn’t promote him as they had previously. The overseers at the label also interfered with his music (as they had tried to do with his fan-favorite track “Dumb it Down”); subsequently effecting the quality and sound of his third and fourth albums.