Coco Mango


Daniel Dumile, Daniel T. Dumile, Daniel Thompson Dumile, Zev Love X, Doom, Supervillain

Released: April 12, 2019

Album: Analogtronics

Listerine green jars, sick cleans, jallad be a enma
Thick queens, mamma mia robs jalapeno peppers
Click mean large, brick seen mirage is ours
Quick mean cause, strict deen Allah
Make your quota, check your clock shock taqwa
Concoct the potion, blue liner lotion, call it aqua
Tock you on watch, sure ahk, salaat two rak'at
Four to roll in extorter mode, loose spot too hot
Here you go ma, for you boo, that's coco mango
She let her hang go, her man said "yo no tango"
Bangles jangle, no gangs is tranquil
Blank grill, real shank steel, bankroll ankle
F to the N and R, two thiefs are bummin a car
But never had no beef so Alhamdulillah
Inshallah any duties, top grillers, no Mercedes sign
Bubble nuggets with the ruby, Cop Killer 89
On a line on the third like Lupin
Word is a bond that's honored don, shukraan... afwan
Ram the adhan
Livin' sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad alayhi as-salaam