Released: January 1, 2001

Featuring: Jody Watley

Songwriter: Mike Zoot

Producer: Buckwild

[Verse One: Mike Zoot]
Shooting for the stars, son run past your planet
In the 9-2 Maxima my brothers inside
Giving them credit, niggas either gon' player hate, panic or try
The evil eye upon the I-N-I and I don't know why
No understanding, goddamn I'm just a man barely living
Trying to pay back whom I owe and buy my moms her dream crib
And avoid the HIV
From them hotcake hottie, buff body, ill whores
Call me Joe, I Ain't A Player no more
I'm truly serious, my cause now the audience
Dance floor talk, crowd roar victorious
In awe to make people know me now that didn't know me before
Awe struck from my trucked up neck and closed pores
Still mentality? Young shirt, three times hurt
Empty refrigerator flavors making tables reverse
I wanna get fed first
I'm here to luck up not fuck up
So if heads get in my way they gotta get gun butt up
Call and pull up to the bar, so good so far
Star atmosphere everywhere
I don't feel good here
It's the mad rapper in me
I'm trying to make it disappear
I swear y'all a shave and some brand new gear y'all
But I've evolved
Recognized the problems to be solved
To get sorted through the doo doo
Chainsaw raps rip through
Issues of the who's you? My name go low budget
And attitude don't give a fuck it so
Yo see me when I get there

[Hook: Mike Zoot]
I'm 'bout to pack my shirts and pants
Kiss my moms, take this chance
Cause yo the stakes been raised and that's real these days
So I'm packing up and going on my way
So yo see me when I get there

[Jody Watley]
Jealousy and envy reign
Never want to see you get ahead
They just hold you back

[Mike Zoot]
So yo, see me when I get there

[Verse Two: Mike Zoot]
Yo I am
The brokest nigga you knew
Brought my own brew
Coors Light, Red Stripe, twice I came through
In one week and that's new
You see my face hardly no place
Grateful hot stepper movements left untraced
Underground to home base bob, you know the whole run in
How I'm coming with this small chain now but soon a bigger something
To floss and gloss, big bad bumbaross
Off the hook of course, getting off exotic [?]
Boons out the bottle
I wanna be a role model
Ghetto top ranking
Hype like Kirk Franklin off G.P
Acting a fool, I'm calm, I'm cool
Get to know me, come slowly son, pull up a stool
And hear the drama
My whole life's a bummer, ever summer
Dreaming Hummers and Honda's and being a star far from a
'Nother new comer
Talking 'bout I have the hottest shit
Underrated and broke pocket-est, stop it
And understand yo, I got a right to be hype
I've been a second on the scene, I'm seeing niggas get bikes and cars
That look hard in they backyard by the hot tub
That's what I'm talking 'bout, eating that grub
Strictly strip club, back rub, checks stubs and love
Heavy wrist, pure bliss, wishes keep me on this
One way road to dumb blowed and gave back
Building park, having picnics and shit like that
See me when I get there

[Hook] {x2}
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