At The Temple

Past Due

Released: July 16, 2013

Featuring: Mr. Chief Sicky Brett KRS-One

Album: Please Drink Responsibly

[Intro: KRS-One]

[Verse 1: KRS-One]
KRS One with Past Due as you can hear these cats ain’t like the last crew
I’m in here climb in here the mic I commandeer at the temple you can find me there
I’m that dude with the knotty hair no copy here man a battle would not be fair
Yo sicky you got me? YEAH
I flow like the blood on a steak my style is rare
Edutainment you must learn ahh yeah these are my rolex’s and cartier’s
When the prophet speaks the speech is quite clear
The wicked they bumbling dreams and nightmares
So the obvious choice for you is quite clear, go within man take the fight there
Let go of sin begin to fight fears go within lift you chin and wipe your tears

[Verse 2: Mr. Chief of Past Due]
If they’re welling up give them some Kleenex, But please show the teacha his respect
Even a legend recognizing that we next, and we ain’t rocking no skinnies or v-necks
Back when my boombox only had tape decks
I never though I'd be rocking for paychecks
Saving up just to cop me an ADAT, those are the days I remember from way back
Yeah we stayed on the grind and it panned out
Without a major cosign or a handout
No more black clouds homie its packed crowds
Filled with cats from the trap to the frat house
No genre the style is sir fry, I’m from Detroit but we taking it worldwide
Without rap I’d be dead or in fed time, so if you’re looking you can find me in best buy

[Verse 3: Sicky Brett]
I come out swinging this that and the third
It’s past due man you had to have heard them boys sick
Could’ve quit years back but it turns out the thought merely hadn’t occurred
So here it is in a nutshell drop it like a dumbbell
Or a ton of bricks off a building Donald trump built
That is but the tip of this iceberg I just melt
Call your cousin run tell him head for high ground around the rust belt
Word up the shop is open and its getting business
Stood up saw it was sitting on a winning ticket
Of course the first thought up out my thick head
I pawned it ,then went and bought some more equipment
Its like when all your having to do is rap your ass off and handle your brews
Ooh make it two
It’s too good and as it happens its true we just doing what we having to do do do do