Featuring: Logic

Songwriter: Silas Logic

Producer: Logic

[Verse 1: Silas]
In the cut, homie never gave a fuck
Seventeen, rollin’ blunts, bumpin' three-6, missing lunch
They stab my cousin in the gut, mommas crying, bullets dumped
Out the window of my favorite ride
Homicide, spent in Gaithersburg
Bitches snappin' like they terrapins, lookin' so arrogant
Looking at my favorite rapper, want to be there with him
Tired of being down and out
Money in drought, look at my bank account
They jump every time I'm walking now
You know I look around
PTSD, fucking with me, I ain't need a crib
Fuck a GED, my momma need to eat
We smoke all up in the streets
Now I really think, money trees
Just like EBT, they was stressing everyday
But still got on Louis V, drown my sorrows with this beat
Now I see hella shells burn all up in my sleep
What you mean, life been hella mean
Had me praying on my knees for moments they ain't even believe
They ain't even believe

[Verse 2: Logic]
Uh, open my book rip it up with the pen
Then open my mind and get at it again
I really do not know where to begin
My mind is always on my kin
My creativity on 10
Was never raised with silver spoon, but my mental state make it bend
What do you mean? Now come again?
Out of this world like fourth dimen
So much more than mortal men
Shit is over, shit is fin
I'm in the booth like I have sinned
I'm living it up, I'm living my life, I don't give a fuck
When I was 16 I got snap PTSD, left me corrupt
I didn’t leave the house until I hit the west coast like Kurupt
Boy what’s up?
.45 on tuck, shawty in the truck
Fuck around, we blow your brains out
Leave your body in the trunk
My mentality was fucked, ‘cause I was stuck, ‘cause I was damned
And I just wanted to be the man
Now I am, yes I am
‘Cause I was myself, but the price to pay was mental health
Ego on the shelf, never be afraid to ask for help
And no matter what people say when they do it, remain yourself (uh)
What’s my name?, what’s my game?, pippen with no cane
Yes I jump up on the track and me and Silas run a train
Fuck the fame. just me and my gang. me and my gang
I release music, why?, ‘cause it release the pain
I release a track, it release serotonin in my brain
Feeling godly, music for the whip
Car tunes, fairly oddly, It's Bobby
Being me and no-one else
No matter what the fuck they say I'm always me and no-one else, yah


Anthony Manco, better known as Silas, is a hip-hop artist from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

He is currently signed with BobbyBoy Records and was cosigned in 2019 by Logic.

In 2015, Silas officially released his first mixtape, The Genisis at the age of 17 on DatPiff.