Released: November 28, 2011

Featuring: Noah King Murs Tunji

Album: The Edward Norton LP

[Verse One] [Tunji]:
Ayo first things first, I get it cracking as I start this flow
My hearts this cold, it's something like the Arctic snow
I seem to always hit my targets with the darts I throw
And see, I'm only going to spit it if it sparks my soul
So one time for my Cali people speeding down the 10 west
Personally, my train of thought exactly where my pen rests
Never paid attention to the haters when they send threats
I made a promise to myself to earn more and spend less
We used to kick it on the back of the bus
Talking about the future, wonder what would happen to us
Freestyling just so we could see the passion and rush
But now I'm working 50 hours, ain't been rapping as much
I'm still here though
And getting wiser as the years go
Trying to take the scenic route through life so I steer slow
I do my thing, whatever path I go
And ain't too many dudes around that can match my flow

[Hook] {x2}:
One love
One life
One heart
Can you finally see the light?

[Verse Two] [Murs]:
I'm a giant amongst men
Words fly off my tongue, then
Become larger than life
And hell yeah I stole your wave, you wasn't rocking it right
Little nigga, now class is in
Sit your ass down, get you a pad and pen
Grab an atlas let me show about travelling
I'm talking Mt. Fuji, way up in Aspen
And I still ain't peak
You niggas thinking that you grown
But your shit sound weak
I rocked 2,000 shows with no ear plugs
So pardon me if a nigga can't hear your buzz
Fucking weirdo thugs, best respect the game
All them tattoos but ain't got a set to claim
Nigga this is Mid-City, y'all know my name
Murs 3:16, I'm a one man gang

[Hook] {x2}:
One love
One life
One heart
Can you finally see the light?

[Verse Three] [Tunji]:
It's just one love, one life, one heart
And a brand new set of bills every time the month starts
California corners, bullets blazing when them guns spark
Puffing on that medical kush, turning my lungs dark
That's the fun part, especially when the stress comes
Everybody's eating, I'm not stopping till I get some
Life is like a race, but you don't ever get no test run
Wrote a million verses but I only spit the fresh ones
See that's quality over quantity
Honestly, having garbage in my catalog just bothers me
Artistry these days is treated like it's an oddity
But I refuse to be, my music is just a commodity
Pardon me, that was too damn deep
I'll turn it up another level as I cruise them streets
I'm chilling with the Sleepwalkers but I get no sleep
Cause I'm too busy spazzing out over west coast beats

[Hook] {x2}:
One love
One life
One heart
Can you finally see the light?

You can change your mind, can't change the game
Can't change nobody but yourself, bwoy
Can't change no one else, can't change no one else
Can't change nothing but yourself bwoy