Weezy Baby

Sqad Up

Featuring: Lil Wayne

Album: SQ4

(Lil Wayne)
They tell me i'm the best thing since sunshine pussy
I'm the don
Put ya mami on the phone
I ain't neva commin' home (biotch)
I ain't neva gettin' off this throne (nigga)
I ain't neva gettin' out this zone (nigga)
It's a drought and it feel like i ain't neva gettin' off these zones
But ya boy gon' grind
Back porch 20 dollas a line
15 a bump 5 dollas a toot
And you don't ask for me
You just ask for Su
And ya girl ask for me
But she askin' you
Is is true when he cop do he ask for 2
Sq when we drop we not gon' blow it
Blew, we lock this shit
And if ya don't know, you new
Ya chop this shit
Which hater don't show me who
I show him too
The barrel or the heat i got burnin' under my 300,000 dolla a pack
Somethin' vicious
Creepin' the gravel in the new Prowler in the new summer edition
None of you bitches can fuck wit my squiddys
Mad cause ya bitches fuckin' my squiddy
I ain't stuntin' you niggas cause i'm a stunna nigga
Shirt tucked in
Two stacks on my buckle nigga
Fuck a hoe, fuck a nigga
It's young money slash cash, shit crazy
My niggas gettin' checks from Baby
Now bitches tryna' get checks for babies go head
But if it ain't Nae' Nae', baby go head
And if you ain't Nae' Nae mama then baby go head
Don't leave, i mean baby blow head
I'm in Fe new Mercedez no head
Over my head, i would go ahead
But i'm goin' over ya head
Fuck it