Blinded by Love

The Rolling Stones

Released: August 29, 1989

Album: Steel Wheels

[Verse 1]
The queen of the Nile
She laid on her throne
And she was drifting downstream
On a barge that was burnished with gold
Royal purple the sails
So sweetly perfumed
And poor Mark Antony's
Senses were drowned
And his future was doomed

He was blinded by love[x2]

[Verse 2]
The Philistines paid
For Samson's blind rage
The secrets that two lovers share
Should never have been betrayed


Now it's no use crying or weeping
You better lock up your soul for safe keeping
Promise me

[Verse 3]
The poor Prince of Wales
He gave up his crown
All for the trivial pursuit of
A parvenu second-hand lady
So lovers beware
If you lose your heart
Careful now, don't lose your mind
Don't mortgage your soul to a stranger