100% Hater Proof

The Unit (Rapper)

Featuring: Queen Latifah

Album: 100% Hater Proof

When I come through in the drop, why they lookin' surprised?
There they go again, them haters
And I can tell that they hatin' from the look in their eyes
There they go again, them haters
And I can tell from the stares when they look at my team
There they go again, them haters
They admirin' the jewels and they notice the gleam
There they go again, them haters

[Verse 1]
(Hater proof)
I'm sittin' here tryin' to figure out, is it your job to ride dick?
Or you just don't like me and wanna hate on Rah shit
Or you really don't know what you doin'
But you just doin' what you usually be doin'
You a hater, it comes naturally
I'm on some Mary Blige shit, no hater way
Yo hater way, get your ass kicked like a 8 away
(I'm dead serious)
In Hollywood with Queen Lah, can't hate on my shit
23s on the Caddy, can't hate on my whip, c'mon

[Verse 2]
Is it because I don't need music to get money, y'all hate me?
Or you mad cuz I been eatin' since y'all was babies?
I'ma grown ass woman, quit playin', haters all in my biz
Prayin' that Dana won't do it again
What you mad cuz I been holdin' it down with Shakim?
And you switch managers every year but still they not him
We got TV on lock down, whole Unit hot now
Billboard Number 1, I'm claimin' my spot now


[Verse 3]
Yo they see the way I move in the drop
I cruise through the stop sign, movin' through ya block
My shoes and my watch, I'm Gucci to the socks
Y'all niggas hate me
I'm cool and I'm hot, chain feel like AC
Basically none can wit' P, you stuck in three
I'm fifth gear, locked man wrist wear
Shit yeah, demolishin' the game
But don't worry, I plan to retire in six years

[Verse 4]
Another day, time pass baby, y'all still hatin', it's all good
It's my turn, I'm takin', but cousin, it's still hood
Money ain't change shit except the jewels and the whips
The zeroes at the end of my deposit slips
I'm still street, it's in me, don't force it outta me
Cuz when I street sweep the heat swing rapidly
Life's so- I just learned when no one gimme shit
I struggle to burn to earn this life


[Verse 5]
Playa bench, listen
Haters with no money, they see me, it's so funny
I start fillin' six, start throwin' up money
Ballin', yo I'm addicted, I just can't stop
When the cops yell "Freeze" I show 'em the watch
Then I hop out the drop and there ain't no beef
Ice grillin' all the time, I got platinum teef
Now everybody hollerin' "Louis 13th"
And I don't mean to toot my own horn but beep beep

[Verse 6]
They 'magine the donuts and I get crazier cash
Leave 'em sleepin' wit' the fishes like Hanks and the splash
Hate the size of the watch and the way that it flash
Hey buddy, look out front, that's a Jag for you ass
I'm talkin' the whole nine, wood grain in the dash
And honest, you can get the whole nine, talk trash
Rappers get ate fast, and when I say "ate fast"
I mean pullin' the pistol and givin' 'em 8 fast


100% hater proof
100% hater proof
100% hater proof