Released: October 31, 2005

Featuring: Project Deadman Krizz Kaliko Tech N9ne

Songwriter: Tech N9ne Krizz Kaliko Prozak Monoxide Jamie Madrox

Producer: Mike E. Clark

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Lord, look over us
:et it be a peaceful journey and not danger in anyway
Because I don't like these motha fuckers
This whole world is fucked up
And I'm a product of this fucked up world
I Need Help

[Verse 1: Prozak]
First let me start this rhyme out with some truth
I was shaking and Sweating like Colin Farrell in the phone booth
Visions in hell off my brains like flames and constricts like chains
And it all comes together like drugs to veins
So tell me what the fuck is wrong with me
Even groupie bitches never get involved with me
Cuz I hear voices
Or make murderous choices
Stare at their crotchs while I mumble strange noises
Fuck it I guess it really doesn't matter
I'm not here to impress just infecting and make there brain splatter
I shovel two plastics in a shallow grave
I speak in tounges and cut my face everytime I shave
A ritual habitual so keep the principals
Deadly syllables in three second intervals
My mind is fucked up so suspect so criminal
Put you In the ground with the phosphates and minerals

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
These boys really need some help (This is true)
Cuz They want to hurt themselves (Or you Too)
Scatter Brain they may seem (Somebody)
Wake them From this dream (They Need Some Help)

[Verse 2: Jamie Madrox]
I'm the pentacle of strangeness
I peel away the pain and flesh
Until I'm faceless
Unnessisary anguish
Nothing but a voice no bleeding on the track
With the belief that if it's dead it can come back
I ate my soul I swallowed it whole
And stitched up my torso with a handful of stapels
The walking dead deaf dumb and blind
Stample my eyes but I can see you with my mind

[Verse 3: Monoxide]
My tried fails of jumping off window seals
But nothing could fullfill the thrill
To just kill myself
I won't lie I really need alot of help
I won't die but I really like to try like hell
But I found A group a people just like me
Tech N9ne Prozak Kaliko All Strange see
Its no secret that I do wierd shit
Ill take a hooker and make her my bitch
And mouth kiss her in the mosh pit


[Verse 4: Tech N9ne]
Look at me close homie my arms they liberate me Crazy baby yo why did thou create the (What)
I'mma little to the left I am the incrdible hederal devil, Your mother and chick looking eatable (Huh)
Death is always on my mind (Fuck, FuckFuck)
If you in my way you getting bucked (Yeah bucked)
And I don't mean bucked from a horse
729 lifting niggas up with a corpse
Sick in the cerabellum
Nigga your chick gave me cerabellum
He tripped and you better tell him
Mashing, bastard at last
He gonna get his ass kicked
Really fast quick
Get hes ass kicked
I'm on a deadman project with prozak
Get ya doomat dont treat a killer like Cojak
Sometimes I feel the need to bleed meself
Libaratay may Lord because I need help

[Hook x2]


The TWIZTID tale is gritty and fascinating folklore, built on self-determination, fearless creativity, and the elimination of the boundaries between artist and audience. The dedicated supporters who stand with co-conspirators Jamie Madrox and Monoxide are more than they are family.

There’s a rogue’s gallery of hooks, rhythms, and riffs in the TWIZTID bag of tricks. For 25 years, they’ve concocted artistic anarchy rooted in the streetwise storytelling sophistication of hip-hop, trance-inducing hypnotic beats, and the seething bite of hard rock rage. Merging horror movies, comics, and a level of depravity and violence rivaling the grimiest of pulp fiction in the annals of Americana, TWIZTID is the reflection of a tightly knit subculture and the sound of unbridled id.

With over a dozen entries on the Billboard charts, TWIZTID built themselves into an institution, without the help of mainstream gatekeepers at MTV, traditional radio, or major press. They’ve brought their adrenaline-soaked, unbound artistic mania on the road, with metalcore acts like Motionless In White and on the Vans Warped Tour, all without forsaking the worldwide family. TWIZTID built the connection they maintain with their fiercely dedicated legion of supporters to last and to evolve. Everything Majik Ninja does harken back to that original impulse shared by Monoxide and Jamie to make art that swings a big ax at the boundary between audience and artist.