Released: February 1, 2010

Songwriter: Childish Gambino

Producer: Childish Gambino

Motherfuck a nigga
Hell yeah I do it bigger
I got eight figures like I’m skatin’ in the winter
Niggas thought that I was kiddin’
These raps are not my sketches
I’m a sick boy, nigga, when I cough I hope you catch it
My germs in your system, now you coughin’ like asthmatic
All of my, I’m tired of it turns into your, wish I had it
I don’t need this money, but I spend it like I wanna
She said this dick is hers, I don’t wanna take it from her

Your dick stay chilly, it’s a cold, rough world
I get superhero pussy, she a PowerPuff Girl
Shit just got real like Pinocchio turds
Yo nigga is Geppetto, I don’t want no instrumentals
Leave the vocals on my shit
Like the song givin’ me head
And your bitch can’t sleep ‘cause she used to my bed
She could have any dick, you just mad she chose-d mine
Schoolin’ all you niggas and my mouth will make it Columbine
I am just a rapper, man, I ain’t got no clothing line
My clothing line has closed the line and let me shop at closing time
Yo boy got stacks like I’m standin’ in a Borders line
Hidin’ from you bitches ‘cause real nigga’s hard to find
Work this shit like overtime
Yeah, my clothes are so designed
Closet look like Bloomingdales, yo closet look like fashion jail
I break you out, I post for bail
This money make me Olsens, you call your bitch, you hearin’ this
Uh uh uh
Yes it’s necessary to be flier than canaries
Stay fresh to death like a mint cemetery
I do not talk, yeah my life a library
Eat her out and leave her cold, make that hole my Ben & Jerry’s
Broke the mold on you bitches, man, I am so unique
You are not a rapper, if you were you’d hardly speak
I am Stone Mountain and I haven’t reached my peak
Fuck her like I’m mad at her then I turn the other cheek

This shit is amazin', check me in my sweater, man
Comme des Garçons, bitch, nobody do it better, man
But I do it better, man
When it comes to pussy girls whisper in my ear
No one else can do this to me
You’s a cutie but you gotta know I’m married to my work
And these niggas ain’t shit so I guess they must be urine
Gotta gift this bitch, like Christmas, bitch
I’ma rap and act, Will Smith this bitch
When rappers start rappin’ over indie shit
Just remember I was first to hit this shit
The difference is I’m different, bitch
How the fuck can these niggas be dick-less pricks
Man, what the fuck you gon’ do
I don’t need to talk to you
I am just a rapper too

Childish Gambino

You can call him Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, or just simply talented. Mr. Glover wears many hats when it comes to entertaining; in the last five years alone, he has been highly successful in the paths of acting, rapping, writing, and performing stand-up.

‘Bino has displayed great versatility over his rap career, from the boasting yet muted Culdesac, to the open and vulnerable yet sweet sounds of Camp, and finally to the brash/broken/sullen tour de force that was Because the Internet. He also has released electronic instrumental work under the moniker Mc DJ.

Donald broke a six-year streak of releasing projects in 2015. Instead, he made up for it by directing the FX series Atlanta—where he is also the creator and the lead actor. This role led him to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy. In November 2016, Gambino announced his next LP, “Awaken, My Love!”, which released on December 2nd. His latest effort landed him 5 Grammy nominations in 2018, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year. With two Emmy awards and one Grammy under his belt, he is well on his way to EGOT status.