Released: October 14, 2015

Featuring: BONES Rozz Dyliams

Songwriter: BONES Rozz Dyliams

Producer: Curtis Heron Cat Soup

[Rozz Dyliams]
Even with me
Even without
You brought it in
I brought it down
It told me jokes
Put me to sleep
Can't make it go
It goes with me
The sorrow feel
malignant sea
I broke it out
the missing piece

I do it all, do it all just for you
Pass a bit more
Break it on down
That’s the truth
Every breath
Every step
Every move
My body froze until you walk into the room
I know you know just by the way i look at you
Solemn stare i don’t care
All i can see is you
All i can feel is you
All I can think
You’re all that i need
So I’ll be missing you

[Rozz Dyliams]
If you ever lose your way
I know what to say
If I ever cross your mind its just me saying hey
When you left I had to leave
When you did it made me stay
From the album