Released: October 17, 2012

Songwriter: Gucci Mane Gotye

Producer: Lex Luger

So this is the end of the story

Start selling weed for my brother, the age was eleven
Thirty off a hundred dollars he working the shipments
Seventh grade Christmas time, momma gave me a fifty
I spent that fifty with the dope man, he gave me two fifties
I owed a fifty but I trapped and I paid him so quickly
I had them dimes so big junkies callin' me biggie
I moved out, paying rent was such a good feeling
I hit a lick, thirty grand fell out of the ceiling
I’m in Savannah and my nigga like king of the city
In Alabama with them hammers they plotting to get me
These suckers tried to take my life on a couple occasions
Been grinding hard, thirty years, never took a vacation
And ever since seventeen, been stuck on probation
I chased a nigga, stabbed his ass now they calling me Jason
I fell out with my homeboy, I swear it was crazy
And we don't really know each other, but having a baby
I travelled all around the world been plenty of places
I'm Gucci, trashbag cash got plenty of faces
In Sun Valley, trapping hard like back in the Eighties
I leave with eighty, spend at least thirty grand in the station
I lost my nigga Dunk and no one will ever replace him
In Gucci's eyes he will always be one of the greatest
I lost my nigga Dunkin and no one will ever replace him
In Gucci's eyes he will always be one of the greatest

So this is the end of the story

Gucci Mane

Radric Davis, popularly known as Gucci Mane, is an Atlanta rapper who has released over one hundred full-length projects. Gucci’s impressive discography is comprised of 15 studio albums, seven EPs, a handful of collaborative albums, and over six-dozen mixtapes.

Gucci is recognized by many as one of the founders of the trap sub-genre and is cited by many modern rappers as one of their greatest influences. Under his self-owned label, 1017 BrickSquad, Guwop has signed artists like Young Thug, Waka Flocka Flame, and Chief Keef. Here’s a more complete infographic of his impact on the genre.

Although Mr. Davis has achieved many milestones in his career, his 20-years as a Trap God has been plagued with legal issues and drug addiction, and the star has faced a slew of charges including assaults, drug charges, and even murder. Fortunately, after serving over two years in an Indiana federal prison, Gucci seems to have turned things around. When he was released in 2016, Gucci was quick to show the world his weight loss and sobriety, which shocked many into thinking he was a clone.