Released: November 12, 2012

Featuring: Future

Songwriter: Future Skooly Huncho Kae

Producer: FKi

[Hook: Skool Boy]
She want bank rolls, on bank rolls, on bank rolls
On rolls
Said she got a main mode
She want pesos
From her ankles to her nose
Shorty gotta play ya crib
Gotta pay the bill and her car note on her own
When she get on that floor she know

She gotta Back it up, Back it up, Back it up
But don’t stop
Back it up, Back it up, Back it up
But don’t stop
Back it up, Back it up, Back it up
But don’t stop
Add it up, just add it up, add it up
But don’t stop

[Verse 1: Kaelub]
I ball player
Future passed it to me, caught it like a ball player
Said one job ain’t enough
She wanna shake it up, so I pay for her L’s
Shorty thick with that shit
Sit with that shit, money she it get it well
YG but a big homie
Tell friends drive with me but that young nigga hell
Player spot new car off the lot
Strip outta town so her people won’t see her ahh
She at the paper day in and out
Stacking it up but she ain’t gang banged out
Back it up like 6’o-clock traffic
If you ain’t talking money she ain’t hitting static
Don’t make excuses she the type to make it happen
Slipped and it pilled off now she want bananas


[Verse 2: Future]
Shawty she ah back it up, for a nigga with a sack
No Santa Clause
I got Floyd Mayweather bread on me right now, right now
I make her lose her draws
She gone take off on the floor
And go all the way to the ceiling
What she do for a rich kid
She ah never do for you this a feeling
You can’t get back, She ah back back
For bout one stack, For bout two stacks, For bout three stacks
I ain’t Andre, I am Ms. Jackson
She bout that Action
Pass that to young school boy and young Kaelub
And that’s a lay up
Ah to some players
We can’t save her, we can’t save her
So we pay her


[Verse 3: Skool Boy]
Meet miss money
Shawty got a spot, got a car
One kid and a baby daddy
But she do it on her own
He a dead beat dad
He don’t never got money
He don’t make it happen
Anyway shawty been dancing
Fooled since school got a disadvantage
Got to fightin’ it
Onyx, loved Cheetah’s, went to Blue Flames
Thought about Follies but she went to Magic
She say on to the next
Fuck that nigga, gone get a tech
Pop shit cause she know she can
Talk shit cause she know she bad
Look, see Im ah show you how she really with it
See shawty get the money and she split it with me
Kick shit call me young Liu
Show another nigga bitch kung fu when she kick with me


Rich Kidz

Rich Kidz is an American hip hop group from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2008. In 2012, they were signed to Columbia Records.