Producer: Absolut-P

Take a nigga energy
Make his ho my enemy
Hurry up and money me
Pussy sweet I'm hunny bee
See you haters under me
Know my name, honor me
Bitch you know who that girl be
SGH go dumb on the beat
You talking tough
Put her in a tough truck
Show no love
I'm above
Go hard shawty wish she was
And you don't have to like me
Your partner want to bite me
He's so below, and he show it and that shit don't excite me
Say what you say, do what you do, because I'm the honest truth
I get my bread, gets some more and grab my jimmy Choo
I got to be the mrs
No second place no dissing
Sexy I can't be kissing
My attitude is distant

Talking hella mean mugging buddy I don't care
All up in my girl, trying to chill I don't care
See they hating what I'm doing, but they liking what I wear
But nigga I'm on my money so I really don't care

If you mad, cause I'm bad
Then I'm glad, cause you sad

[Verse 2]
You could come up missing
Keep talking you in my business
Bitches Dennis the Menace
Fucking niggas that ain't spending
Real goon, real crew
Dog nigga, crawl nigga
No I won't call you
All my bitches ball too
Take a picture with a frown, I'm the shit
Shut it down, I will not fuck with a clown
Yeah, ya boyfriend a clown
Tell him do not come around
Yeah ya boyfriend a clown
You better not bring him around
He ain't Working by the pound [No]
Titty boo, pretty and sadiddy too
Bentley coop, nutty troop
Gotta rock with Absolut
He on the beat going stupid
Going who, going two
But you the new
Reaching for the better thing, fuck are you
Tatted heavy going steady
Truth be told Sasha ready
Breaking cheese and get my money
This shit real ain't nothing funny
Laughing at you silly dumbies
Wonder if I hurt your tummy
And this another one
Hold up I'm not done


[Verse 3]

Bitch I'm winter cold
Colder than the icy cold
You like me ho
You dike me ho
But you want to fight me ho
And you be knowing all my songs
Don't be jealous sing along
Break a bone, kill the song
If you rocking sing along

I know you know my resume
From the album
Sasha Go Hard popular songs