Released: February 26, 2013

Featuring: Freeze (rapper) Tech N9ne Slam (Rapper)

Songwriter: Freeze (rapper) Slam (Rapper) Tech N9ne

Producer: Adion

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Me and my dogs always rawlin' at the party
They show me love and never card me or charge me
I'm on the floor with this bitch and she gettin' naughty
Some nigga mug me while we kick it with the Shanty
What the problem is? I got my dogs, too
Bitch nigga, we all crew, comin', to dissolve you
And we ain't trippin' 'cause you all blue
We trippin' with you 'cause you hatin', homie, watch your [?] fall through
Get up out my face, motherfucker, I don't like that shit
Got beat nigga, better bite that lip
I don't know how a nigga bite that script, don't like that bitch
How many motherfuckers must get (Beat down)?
How many gotta know how to (Heat sound)?
We can all (be down), we can all be down, nigga know [?]
Grim with my big dogs, nigga (In Colorado)
You know they straight blaze triggers (And that's the motto)
Don't ever disrespect, how you gonna diss Ms. Tech? (N9ne!)
[?], never get in my face again

The Regime (Collective)

A hip hop collective founded in 1997 by Yukmouth that



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