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Bastille is a British indie pop band. After releasing a limited single in 2010 and the Laura Palmer EP in 2011, the band was signed to Virgin Records. Following their signing, the band released two mix-tapes – Other People’s Heartache and Other People’s Heartache Pt. 2 — for free. In an interview with The Guardian, Dan Smith discussed the

Someone recently said to ‘The mixtapes were very clever, was that the label’s idea?’ Actually the label were completely against it; we were stealing and sampling illegally left, right and centre. The label ‘We want nothing to do with this.’ When it came to hosting the mixtapes, I had to register the website myself.

Preceding the release of their debut album, Bad Blood, the band released several singles — “Overjoyed”, “Bad Blood” and “Flaws”— to moderate commercial success. In February 2013, the band was catapulted into the charts by the album’s fourth single, “Pompeii”. The song was a commercial hit, going up to 5x Platinum around the world. In June 2014, “Pompeii” was confirmed to be the United Kingdom’s most streamed song ever. Unfortunately, it has since been overtaken.

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