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Bakersfield friends James “Munky” Shaffer, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu and David Silveria formed the funk-rock band LAPD in 1989 and moved to Los Angeles with another friend Brian “Head” Welch as their roadie. Later, with Welch as second guitarist, the band named themselves Creep and recorded a demo with pal Ross Robinson.

However, when Shaffer and Welch visited family in Bakersfield, they met Jonathan Davis who added a darker, goth-tinged edge to the band’s heavy groove. Robinson

The band wasn’t dark yet; it had, like, killer grooves and good riffs, but there was some happy edge to it. And when (Davis) walked into the room, it went dark and goth. Basically, during the first song, to audition in the rehearsal room, he started freaking the hell out [laughs]. You couldn’t hear his voice, but you felt chills all over your body, and it was instantly like, “Oh my God, yeah – he’s the one.”