Released: June 14, 2014

Producer: J-Roc Justin Timberlake Sean C Timbaland

[Barack Obama insert from Dreams From My Father audiobook]
There are white folks, and then there are ignorant mothafuckas like you!

I be on my Suit and Tie shit, tie shit, tie
I be on my Suit and Tie shit, tie shit
Let me show you a few things, a few things, a few things
Little baby, cause
I be on my Stupid White shit, White shit (check it)
I be on my Stupid White shit, White shit
Let me show you a few things
Let me show you a few things

[Verse 1]
Wait a minute, you ready for em, Kle Shay?
Shiiit I can't wait... wait... wait til I get you on this circumcized dick
Certain size dick
Certain to like it
I hate cursing, but fuck... this sex is a hex
Who's next to come on aboard, while I cum on a bored chick
I won the award, just kidding, I wasn't even nominated
They gave it to Dakota Fanning? Her movie was a snores fest!
Of course let's get back to the subject at hand
The mixtape the public demands, wanna download it to their porn disc drive
Drive by! Pedestrians in a panic when
I sped in and out of traffic, then swerved like Big Sean into a garbage can
And knocked over a Manican
Frankly man, I'm done being Trevor and Michael, I'm guess I'm just gonna have to switch to Franklin
On my Suit and Tie, headed to a funeral
Lookin killer as usual
That sentence is reducible... get it?
I've been murderin lines since a juvenile
But now I'm just doing community service
I guess that constitutes as constitutional
Girl you're beautiful, I swear to Jésus your booty's insane
And it's got the same logic as Cain, doable
And if it's mutual you should know I'm ready to slay
This might sound unsual, but my dong like a cudicle
It'll keep growin and growin until it's get in the way
Yeah I'm stupid okay, I just wanna be true to you babe
I only flew in ya cave to make you recreate the same sounds that a Lugia makes
I'm looney deranged, maybe slightly depraved, but don't deprive me of that one thing
I'm looking ta take
You on a date, I promise I'll be behaved
Then be headed, we'll be frenchin; call me Louis the 8th
In my studio makin songs about nonsense to put on a blank disc and sell it to blind kids
Got this fake blonde bitch, wantin to date Josh Lynch, wait that's Kate Gosselin
Told her to drop off the twins and the sextuplets
Then pop out them twins, and get sexed up, let's
Use a condom though, let's be honest yo, we all know you hate those kids
And besides "Kate Plus 9" doesn't make much sense
The clothes came off, and despite her fertitility rate
I was surprised to see she had kept her body in shape
Tiny waist, legs lookin great
I said damn, baby girl, now that's a figure of 8
They said I'm vulgar, but I'm just pickin like a Vulture
But you know I kill these rappers, THEN I FUCK EM! God, Dahmer
God damn her and her friends are comin over
Oh, her friends owe her favors? Oh I guess O-R-G-Y! Oh my God!
You're probably wonderin what the fuck I'm doing, baby I don't know
I'm just shootin lines, movin dimes, boostin rides
I'm a stupid guy, rappin like it's Christmas time
Pickin like a soup or side, she's wet like a slip and slide
One night stand with that fake blonde chick again, that's do or die
My taste in woman is killer, youth are niiiiice
Say you dont get it, well how confused am I
Wasn't this song supposed to be about a Suit and Tie?
Doesn't matter though, I be on my bladder flow
Cause all my tracks are piss poor, but urine to it, aren't you?
You ain't mindin my P, or Q's, so why should I?
You ain't buyin my CD are you? So why should I try?
I'm one of those greatest of all timers, no hand shake
I got no respect for you other rhymers, no hand shake
I'm bout to take all you guys out, no mandate
And yes I'll flatten you, no pancake...
I know you're trying to get seen bitch, well this the last take
Ain't given no handouts for you charity cases, no tax break
I'm makin noise like a rat-snake, watch for the attack
And all you bitches thinkin that you can relate, drop the sister act!
Top down, let them peaks show
Yo top down, let the speaks blow
Top down, and them girls got der bottoms up
Top down, we drinkin and drivin, bottoms up
Put dem bottles up, put dem bottles up
No seriously here the cops come, put them bottles up!
DUI is a serious offense
Now I'm seriously in prison
Now I'm seriously pissed
Fuck da west coast, I think that rivarly still exists
If not, then fuck Canada! Bring it bitch!
I roll spliffs and got money in the bank
More specifially, in a savings bond, I'm preparing for my future
I fuck hoes in the back of the Rolls
Mom told me to respect women, sorry that I called you a ho
Woke up in a Oldsmobile, with a Olsen twin
She was gettin low for the kid, while I was holdin the wheel
But just to clarify, I mean she didn't talk much during the ride
It wasn't sexual, I was babysittin
Yeah the ladies blowin up my phone, they be callin
Call me LeBron, bitch, cause I be balding... I mean ballin
I got woman all over me, I don't know what to do, they be givin me a kiss and a smooch
But on the cheek, she said we're not together, we're just dawgs
So I just wanna know one thing ...
Would you screw the pooch?
Yeah I'm just rapping like I got nothing to lose
But I got nothing to gain either, so what's the use?
My last name is Lynch, bitch, and I brought a noose
So I swear to God, you better mow my grass, Jésus
You don't have to be a Christian to be a god; hey, Zeus!
I be on my 40's Suit & Tie shit; hey, Zoots!
You fat bitches need a place to stay? Hey, Zoos!
And get a personal chef, how bout Issac Hayes? Oops... he's dead
I'm just tryna hit it and beat it baby, I'm not tryna be violent
Yes I wanna dunk my balls in you, but I ain't gon force it, no Kobe Bryant
Got you so wet, I'm Poseidon, let me show you my trident
Lemme show you why she said my dick looks like Andre The Giant!!!
I'm a Pseudo tyrant
Don't discriminate, I got Sioux and Tai chicks
I suture rhymes so supersized and hard they're suet-like
Causing mass suicides from the shit I spew to suer lines like some sewer pipes
I'm so soothin right?
Baby I know you're one of those supra types, don't care about the suitor's size, you just wanna be suited right?
So come on over for a pursuant night
And hell baby, I'll even wear my Suit and Tie

I guess what I'm trying to say is...
My balls are swinging back and forth
For your love
For your love

["Balls Deep (In Your Love) by Sean C."]

[Barack Obama insert from Dreams From My Father audiobook]
This shit's getting way to complicated for me
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