Half A Brick

M Beezy

Featuring: Rick Ross

Album: It’s My Turn Again

[Intro – M. Beezy]
Trust me boy
We had [?] on that hanger nigga
Whip out them motherfucking bangers nigga
We don’t shoot birds, boy
We use the index finger nigga
Trust me (M. Beezy!)
Low key, key figure
Flat boat representer
Trust me baby

[Hook – M. Beezy][x2]
Quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick, Ay!
Quarter pound, half a pound, whole pound, K!
Hundred pill, thousand pill, serving major ways
Juiceman and Gucci man make the trap ache

[Verse 1 – M. Beezy]
Mr. crack flipper, coke sniffer, graveyard shifter
I keep that clean white for my hook and coke sniffers
Rookies don’t like that fishscale because they lock quicker
Christina Aguilera, had you calling me the fixer
Expert, straight dropping, cocaine whipper
Coke drying to slow, call me the order scale mixer
Baking soda and the [?], this the turn and dripper
Move so many bricks they call it Taylor Hanson down at 6’s
Quarter Brick, half a brick, whole brick, ay!
27 hard and a whole brick of yay
A couple pounds of purple, couple pounds of Red J
A thousand naked ladies gone in a couple days


[Verse 2 – Rick Ross]
I got a half a key, Imma flip it in these streets
Make my little money just to blow it this week
And I’m riding sixes, I’m a seven [?]
And my shit convertible so hoes calling me bird
Hoes calling me bird, hoes calling me bird
Before I let her ride I let the ho follow me first
Bitch I’m out of sight, I’m balling at the moon
Try to kiss me in the club, Uh-uh, do it in the room
Got a big dick and my money in the bank
If you got a wet mouth I got some money you can make
I’m smoking swisher sweets, and she sitting with a sin
He a little nigga, the chopper will make him flip
The chopper make him flip, the chopper make him flip
This for Tallahassee nigga, leave young Khalid in this bitch
I got a half a brick, it’s 14 fine
New 4.6 range rove that I drive