The Last Song


Perry Eat$, Perry Illest

Album: circuit breaker

[Produced by MF Doom]

[Verse 1: Perrion]
Too much boasting and bragging
Gotta cut it out before a nigga becomes a has-been
Too much of the same shit different day same bitch
On my mind, since we broke up, I haven't had a break since
Constantly on my brain like a tumor
But if we spoke again that would just cause a bunch of rumors
Writer's block for a minute, I needed to tune up
Put that fucking lighter above my head like a lunar-
-eclipse, Black thoughts are what I'm spitting without the roots of quest
To find love, but Cupid didn't want to shoot heartbeats
And rejected by many cause I look too young
I guess I had too much to drink from the Fountain of Youth, um
To ease the pain, I need a dime, maybe two of them
If any rapper step up, I am lyrically shooting them down
I weight less, but killing them like a four pound
Desert Eagle I just need a gold crown
Nigga, no dentist needed
Novocain for the feeling, no intention to singing
Before my Sunday show me the money, no Willie Beamen
My pocket's full and now all these bitches is steady feenin
Before you no one bought to me but now you on my penis
See this? Copycats go and copy that
Tyler ain't never spit nothing like this before nigga
So no comparisons, won't stop until I'm stearin'
Them a clear and see you in my rearview mirror starin'
As I drive off, don't try to push me
Cause I'm not fucking pussy
Like a nigga trying to drive soft into the cooch
But I go hard when I'm in a boost
And these pussies think these niggas might just want to use a douche
Nigga tell me you ain't smell that
Fucking opposite of a male cat to tell raps
I tell facts bitten nothing but the real
Not a psychiatrist I could care less how you feel nigga

[Verse 2: Perrion]
Uh, I chill with niggas who lyrics are feist by trapping the rabbits, no Looney Tunes
Smooth criminal, sophisticated Goonies fool
Hipped out in Supreme jeans, paid a grip for those
Tricks off kids but trust nigga they flipping O's
Living low and getting money the easy way
Not guaranteed tomorrow so I'm thankful I've seen the day
Living in this crazy city, guess what I've seen today
Little shorty trapping on the corner getting fiends to pay
Chilling outside, posted like a meter
Waiting for that next sale, hoping that he never fails
Trying not to go to jail, cause his parents ain't doing to well
If he slip up, they ain't got enough money to bail him out
Well, without a doubt, I appreciate his hustle
Growing green so he can eat, no Brussel sprouts
Anything that deals with money they bustle about
Not worried about your little beef, what's the fuss about?
Give two fucks about your drama
Save it for your baby mama
I want the cheese like Lasagna
Without the beef though
I'm trying to survive by rapping to keep it clean nigga I got a neat flow
Speak for myself and others I feel keep it trill
Fuck selling my soul I'm not a rapper seeking deals nigga
I just do it cause I love it
And no I'm not trying to be the greatest I'm just trying to be above shit, nigga