All Falls Together

Self Provoked,DJ Hoppa

Featuring: Dizzy Wright

Album: The Decade

[Hook: x2]

I done smoked major weed bro
Never the less I'm hella fresh rolling joints like a cigarette
Homies don't play around we down to blaze a pound

[Verse 1: Self Provoked]

Its like it all falls together
I feel down she picks me up to feel better
Hated by my family but I still keep you around cause the positivity is there
I take you and it makes us one, inhale like air
People say its [?] people say that Im wrong
People scared to put they hands on a blunt or a bong
I understand, yo to each is own
Pack fat bowls for my soul see I'm not blown
Im in another zone, another place, another bowl, another taste
Only weed I never lace, no nothing up my nose
See im blowin on this smoke, well spoken off the dro
See Im packin all this slow up and more and you can notice by my face
That Im holding on to all of this fire that I bake
So tell me, who got 5 up onto that sack
Im only fucking with you if you got weed inside of that bag

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]

Uhhhhh..SP in the back rolling tree
Im in a booth
Look, Self Provoked Im kinda stoked
You a young gunna let the young gunnas know
Be down with your homies, dont be running with these hoes
Keep rolling your weed but be a hundred with your flows
Stay motivated, niggas always try to bring you down
Just remember, dont bring them around Believe in your sound
Let the weed keep you humble with the fame and watch mama start believing now
They say money make the world go 'round, can you dig it?
Become a weed smoker on a mission with a vision
Mama only trippin when she feel you only kick it
You turning into a man so bet your fans on these niggas
Time to make moves, Only stop when you stop fate
Smoke pot everyday but be smart when its not safe uhhh..
Good times is what we achieve, sold this blunt for anybody with dreams
Dizzy Wright nigga

[Hook: x3]