Released: August 28, 2019

Songwriter: Silas

Producer: PoST A.G.

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah

Think about now, yeah, lost friends
You don't wanna know what it cost them
Hangin' wit' your bitch, she exhausted
Only round here, we involve sin
Devils come down on some boss shit
Demons show up on the darkest
Nights I been down, swear I lost it
Girl call up, I can't process
They ain't even fuck wit' me then
Never been down to pretend
Fuckin' with me now, on ten
Write that shit down again
Sayin' that you know me
Yeah, the old me
We ain't homies, get to fuck
Got your new chick and your old bitch right here boy, on my nuts
Let me tell a lil' story 'bout where I'm from
No, I never had a dollar, had to steal one
Swear my homie right there when the meal gone
So I break off half, hope we fill up
'Cause my life been cold, tryna heat up
Hope you muhfucker's know I'm the illest
I been doin' all this, know they feel us
And I'ma keep on goin' 'til they kill 'em
Everybody know, want another flow
When I gotta go, yeah, I know
If you didn't know, in here gettin' low
But she gotta go, hope you know
People they always walk away
Told me straight she couldn't stay
I don't need you anyways
Bump that 'Yonce, Lemonade


Anthony Manco, better known as Silas, is a hip-hop artist from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

He is currently signed with BobbyBoy Records and was cosigned in 2019 by Logic.

In 2015, Silas officially released his first mixtape, The Genisis at the age of 17 on DatPiff.