Songwriter: Tommy Heath Jim Keller

There's a new girl in town
Nobody knows her well
She's the kind of a woman
You can hardly tell
If you get her alone
Will she know how to please?
Will she float through your arms
Like a cool lacey breeze?

Oh Bernadiah
Oh Bernadiah

Used to see her working
Down at the superette
Staring at me across the counter
In some old lady's dress
But no rag could conceal
All the promise in her glance
And I want her so bad
Just give me a chance
Give it to me, give it to me

Oh Bernadiah
Oh Bernadiah
Oh Bernadiah
You walk so slow
Your eyes are on fire

It's a Saturday night
I was looking for a dream
Asked her to the dance
She said, "what do you mean?"
When I got there I found her
Doing some devil step
When I tried to do it too
She just laughed

Oh Bernadiah

Tommy Tutone

First, let’s be clear that Tommy Tutone is the name of the band, not the frontman. It was originally known as Tommy and the Tu-Tones, the lead singer being Tommy Heath.

This band is most notorious for its song “867-5309/Jenny”, which plagues anyone lucky enough to have that local phone number to this very day.