Some girls born to luxury
Some inherit monotony
Some quite early become wives
A few stay single all of their lives

Some girls have a pretty face
Some got that social grace
Some dress up in the latest styles
Wearing their boots made out of crocodiles

Pick me up and take me away
Recite me rosaries
Put my life in a wooden box
And sail me out to sea

Talkin' 'bout Rachel! Ooh-whoa-oh, Rachel

Rachel got no fancy clothes
But she turns heads wherever she goes
Oh-whoa, you can hear 'em singin'

Lord, she makes their poor heart ring
If you listen you will hear them sing
They'll be singing

You can hear them singing
Rachel! Rachel

Talkin' bout some girls born to luxury
Some inherit monotony
Some all dressed up, all dressed up, in the latest style
She don't need it

Talkin' 'bout Rachel!

Tommy Tutone

First, let’s be clear that Tommy Tutone is the name of the band, not the frontman. It was originally known as Tommy and the Tu-Tones, the lead singer being Tommy Heath.

This band is most notorious for its song “867-5309/Jenny”, which plagues anyone lucky enough to have that local phone number to this very day.