Released: July 28, 2021

[トゥワイス 「PIECES OF LOVE」歌詞]

[Intro: Jeongyeon, Jihyo]
(Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh; Hmm-hmm
Oh, oh-oh-oh) Ooh-ooh
(Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh; Mmm
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh; Mm-mmm-hmm)
(Oh, oh-oh-oh) Ooh-ooh-whoa-ooh
(Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh: Oh)

[Verse 1: Mina, Momo]
少しずつちょっとずつ starting to see
You know 何もうまくいかない曇り空に

[Verse 2: Sana, Jeongyeon]
You see もがいて頑張っても進めない時
I'm alright, alright, alright, そう思えてきた

[Pre-Chorus: Dahyun, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Jihyo]
'Cause I'm here by love
Oh-oh, oh-oh
And we are all here to be loved
Oh-oh, oh-oh
誰もが precious 絶対
ここにいる we are

[Chorus: Nayeon, Tzuyu, Momo, Jeongyeon]
Pieces of love
You and me
パズルのピースみたいに (たいに)
みんな大切な pieces
私らしいところが (Oh yeah)

[Verse 3: Dahyun, Chaeyoung]
Be bold, you are beautiful
Let's go through every pain
And dance in the rain
優しくなれたから, ah-ah

[Pre-Chorus: Tzuyu, Nayeon, Jihyo]
I'm proud of me (Hmm)
Oh-oh, oh-oh
There is a reason I am here
Oh-oh, oh-oh (Oh-oh)
繋がり合った unique (Unique)
一人じゃ描けない (Ooh yeah)

[Chorus: Jihyo, Sana, Nayeon with Momo]
Pieces of love (Love)
You and me (And mе)
パズルのピースみたいに (たいに)
みんな大切な pieces (大切な piecеs)
へっこんだり (Oh)
出っ張った (Oh, yeah)
あなたらしいトコが (Ooh, yeah)
ハマる場所があるきっと (きっと)

[Post-Chorus: Jeongyeon, Mina, Tzuyu, Jihyo]
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh (Hmm-hmm)
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Pieces of love, pieces of love
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh (Hmm-hmm)
Oh, oh-oh-oh (Oh woah)
Pieces of love, pieces of love

[Bridge: Dahyun, Mina, Chaeyoung]
We are here to be loved
Every color and shape
誰もが masterpiece
So I wanna sing this song for you

[Interlude: Nayeon, Jihyo, Momo]
(Pieces of love
You and me) Ah-ah
(パズルのピースみたいに; たいに)
(みんな大切な pieces)

[Chorus: Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, Momo]
Pieces of love (Love)
You and me
パズルのピースみたいに (たいに)
みんな大切な pieces
色んなカタチ (Ah)
手を取って重ねて (Ooh yeah)
素敵な viewが 作れるよ (作れるよ)

[Post-Chorus: Jeongyeon, Mina, Nayeon, Jihyo, *Tzuyu*]
Oh, oh-oh-oh (Oh)
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
Oh, oh-oh-oh (Oh, love, love)
Pieces of love, pieces of love (Pieces of love)
Oh, oh-oh-oh (Oh woah)
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
*Pieces of love, pieces of love*


TWICE (트와이스) is a South Korean girl group under JYP Entertainment. The group consists of nine members.

From order of left to Tzuyu (쯔위) (Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae), Jeongyeon (정연) (Lead Vocalist), Sana (사나) (Vocalist), Nayeon (나연) (Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center), Momo (모모) (Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper), Mina (미나) (Main Dancer, Vocalist), Jihyo (지효) (Leader, Main Vocalist), Dahyun (다현) (Lead Rapper, Vocalist), Chaeyoung (채영) (Main Rapper, Vocalist).

The members of TWICE were formed through the girl-group survival show Sixteen and officially debuted on October 20, 2015, releasing their first EP titled The Story Begins featuring the title track “Like OOH-AHH”. Their breakthrough was in 2016 with their single “Cheer Up” breaking into number 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart and became the best-performing single of the year. Twice also became the first Korean girl-group to earn the Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).