Released: June 1, 1993

Songwriter: Stevie Wonder

Producer: DeVante Swing

[Spoken Intro: JoJo]
Some of you might know this song
It's an oldie but goodie
And if you know it, feel free to sing along with me and K-Ci tonight


[Verse 1: JoJo + K-Ci]
Lately, I've had the strangest feeling
With no vivid reason here to find
But yet the thought of losing you's been hanging
Around my mind
K-Ci, sing it

Far more frequently you're wearing perfume
And with you say no special place to go
But when I ask will you be coming back soon
You don't know, never know

[Chorus: JoJo + K-Ci]
Oh, I'm a man of many wishes
Hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
‘Cause they always start to cry, cry
‘Cause this time could mean good, goodbye
Mmm, oh, won't you tell me, yeah

[Verse 2: JoJo + K-Ci]
Lately I've been staring in the mirror
Very slowly picking me apart
Said, I'm trying to tell myself that I have no reason
With your heart, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
K-Ci, sing it, sing it

Now, just the other night while you were sleeping
I vaguely heard you whisper someone's name
But, uh, when I ask you of the thoughts you're keeping
You just say that nothing changed

[Chorus: JoJo + K-Ci]
I'm a man of many wishes
Hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
‘Cause they always start to cry, yeah, yeah, baby
‘Cause this time (time) could (could) mean (mean) good (good) bye
Goodbye, ooh yeah yeah
I'm a man of many wishes
I hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won't let me hide
‘Cause they al- (all)-ways (ways)
They always, they always start to cry
Yes, they do (Yes, they do); yes, they do; (ooh, yes, they do)
‘Cause this time could mean goodbye
It could mean goodbye (mean goodbye)
It could mean goodbye
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, woo
Ooh yeah (Ooh yeah)
Thank you


Started in 1983, Jodeci is comprised of two sets of brothers—Cedric and Joel Hailey (also known as K-Ci and JoJo) and Donald and Dalvin Degrate (also known as DeVante Swing and Mr. Dalvin). Jodeci were once known as the “bad boys of R&B,” notable particularly because they were actually boys at the time, breaking out as teenagers in 1991 with their debut album and its title ballad, “Forever My Lady.” Natives of North Carolina, they were discovered by Heavy D, who overheard their demo when an A&R at Uptown was in the process of passing on them. Heavy D introduced Jodeci to Uptown founder Andre Harrell, who signed them after they sang in his office, and handed them off to his then-protégé Puff Daddy, who outfitted the group in dark shades and coordinating leather ensembles. The look, along with the streetwise soul found in songs like “Cry 4 U” and “Feenin” (as well as a few run-ins with the law) made them the antithesis to good-guy personas of then-peaking R&B superstars Boyz II Men. Devante, who along with Mr. Dalvin held down production duties for the group, founded the Swing Mob, a collective responsible for the discovery of musical geniuses like Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and Static Major. As a group, Jodeci would go on to release three critically-acclaimed album in the ‘90s, before disappearing from the limelight. K-Ci and JoJo splintered off as a duo in 1997, producing hit single “All My Life” and, eventually, five albums, but adoring fans never let go of their Jodeci obsession. In March, the group released The Past, The Present, The Future, the first Jodeci album in two decades. Jodeci, if y'all reading this, where’d you go?